Wednesday, September 21, 2016

MidWeek Tease

MidWeekTeaseHere's a midweek tease for all the lovely readers. I've pulled a few paragraphs from my upcoming book, Sensual Legacy. 

Hope you enjoy! 

Sensual Legacy excerpt:

Even though she had no idea how long she’d been standing there, she knew without doubt that the she was woefully underdressed to be enjoying it. The soft mist spraying over the porch had soaked her thin white robe and she could feel the gritty wooden boards under her bare feet. It all felt very dream like to her sleep hazed mind. 

Still when warm lips pressed against her shoulder, Sophie didn’t question it. Without a doubt it was her boyfriend standing behind her, playfully tickling her sides. Titling her head to one side, she said, “Blayke, what took you so long?” 

His fingers walked across the front of her robe and tugged at the dripping rope that held it closed. “I had to fall asleep,” he whispered gently between kisses. 

Sophie gasped as her robe fell open and a cool gust of wind blew over her skin. “At least you’re here now,” she answered, shivering as his hands smoothed over her stomach. His arm tightened around her, pulling her against his chest, one hand roamed up to her chest. 

That's it for this tease. Keep your eyes open for more about Sensual Legacy and it's coming release!

Stay Sexy!


Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sexy Wear Inspiration

When I was writing A Djinn's Touch the image of what Jann would look like the morning after was kind of tricky. Djinns were the inspiration for genies and I briefly thought about putting him in a sterotypical male genie outfit. You know, arm bands and fluffy high-waisted pants.
That seemed a bit over the top and I'm glad I went with the original simple sexy look. I think he pulled off the bare chested, comfy pants look rather well.

When Regan finally gets a head to toe look at her djinn.

She locked eyes with the mysterious man and lost her breath. A ring of rich royal blue circled his eyes, bleeding into the deep green that had captivated her earlier. “Like a genie? You’re going to grant me three wishes?”

A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest and Jann shook his head. “Not really a genie, but I am yours to command for as long as you keep the amulet,” he explained.’s eyes shot over to the seashell on the counter. She stared at it, amazed by the idea. “So you’re a magical being who’s going to give me everything I wish for?” She took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay. Let’s take a step back. I need to think about this.”

Jann took several small steps away from her and bowed his head. Regan took a moment to really take in his full appearance. A pair of black satin pants clung to his hips, clearly outlining a blessed package. His well-toned abs and chest were still on display and the head to toe image of him caused a knot to form in her throat and a tingle of excitement spread below her belly button. 

That's my tidbit for the evening. Stay Sexy!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Navigating Social Media

I'm learning as I go. While working on Sensual Legacy, more about that project in the coming weeks, I'm learning how to navigate the social media scene. While I do have a Twitter profile up I do not have a Facebook page, nor am I paying much attention to GooglePlus.

A lot of authors and everyone else seems to say you'll get no where fast without a Facebook page, but I just can't bring myself to setup the account. Yes, I'm putting it off, but I'll get there in time. It seems like too big of a resource to completely ignore. With all the pages and group dedicated to reading it really looks like a gold mine. Navigating that mine is intimidating though.

With GooglePlus I'm just not sure how to go about it. My profile there was set up with my email, so it didn't take much effort to have. I'm currently trying to setup the profile with a bit more information. I'm also finding the groups and communities hard to read.

Twitter is a little easier, but I haven't been keeping up with it as well as I should.

All in all I need to spend more time with the social media side of it all. So this month I'm going to spend a little time each day trying to navigate through the masses and build up my profiles. If you're interested in following my progress please do!

You can find me here:



I'll update with a Facebook page once I've got one setup!

Until next time Stay Sexy!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

My Sexy Night Out

 My Sexy Saturday blog hop post. Every week a new theme is posted and authors jump on board to post excerpts from their books. This weeks theme is My Sexy Night Out. I've pulled 7 paragraphs from A Djinn's Touch to share with everyone. Enjoy!

A Djinn's Touch:

Dinner had gone by all too quickly and Regan found herself inviting Samuel up to her apartment for coffee.  Over the course of their meal Regan had learned more than just the man’s first name. They had a lot in common and the professor had been flattering and flirty the entire time. As they made their way up the stairs she could feel his eyes on her back side and put a little extra wiggle in her steps. 

It had the desired effect on Samuel, because he brushed up close behind her as she unlocked her door and led him into her small apartment. His fingers caressed her ass and hip as he followed her in. Regan stopped and let him step around her as she closed the door. Leaning back against the door, Regan smiled and glanced around her apartment. She half expected to see her djinn lounging around half naked, on display for her arrival home, but he was nowhere to be seen. Her gaze fell on Samuel as he walked a small circle, inspecting her home. He paused at her bookshelves and Regan took the opportunity to push herself away from the door.

Sashaying around the counter towards the coffee maker, she said, “I doubt there’s much there that would interest you. Most of my books are common history resources.”

Standing in front of the coffee maker, Regan saw him turn and smile. “To the contrary, you seem to have a number of books I haven’t gotten the chance to read yet, but we can talk about that later,” he said, taking several long strides towards her. 

Regan looked back at the coffee maker and discovered it was already set to brew. Smiling, she flipped the switch and sent a silent thank you to her djinn. “Coffee first, right,” she said, turning around.

Samuel was right in front of her. Finding him so close made Regan take in a sharp breath. He reached out and his fingers brushed her cheek as he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “I was thinking we could find something more stimulating to enjoy while we waited for the coffee to finish,” he said, letting his eyes trail over her face. “That is, if it’s agreeable to you.”

The seductive tone in his voice was more than enough to make her shiver. With a little nod, Regan said, “Something more stimulating sounds great.” 
A Djinn's Touch is now available on Amazon!  

 Working in an antique shop and frustrated in more ways than one, Regan is starting to think her life choices could have been more mistakes than investments. When a sexy djinn shows up offering to grant her every wish Regan takes hold of the opportunity with both hands, but is she willing to pay the steamy price?

Until next time. Stay Sexy!