Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Special

Life has gotten in the way of fantasy, but I still managed to find myself envisioning a sexy Valentine's Day evening between Jo and the lovely escort Tyler. Lovers' Delights hit shelves this morning for just $0.99 or free on KindleUnlimited. Enjoy!

Alone on Valentine's Day, Jo trudges home ready for her date with ice cream, wine and a random action flick. What happens when her favorite escort decides she shouldn't be alone?

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 Take a look at the first two stories in the Holiday Delights Series.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

My Sexy Stranger

It's time for a My Sexy Saturday Post! This week's theme is My Sexy Stranger and I'm pulling a scene from A Djinn's Touch. Enjoy and remember to hop on over to the other great blogs on the hop!

A Djinn's Touch

“A stroll through Damascus after dark can be a dangerous affair, Mistress,” a smooth voice whispered in her ear. A warm masculine hand slid under the hem of her shirt and across her belly.

Regan jumped and spun around, pressing her lower back against the table. “Jann, you scared me,” she said, taking in his appearance. He was dressed in smooth, modern fashion. Regan couldn’t decide if he was more mouthwatering in the satin pants or in the black button down dress shirt and the pair of black slacks he was wearing now.

The djinn took a small step forward, nearly pressing his body against hers. He leaned his head over her shoulder and whispered, “I’m sorry, but you looked so lovely studying my old home that I couldn’t stop myself.”

Both his hands moved; one to rest on her hip and the other around behind her. Regan could feel the muscles in his arm flex as he stroked the table top. Even though she couldn’t see his fingers gliding over the cold tile Regan remembered the feel of them tracing over her skin. She felt heat spread across her face as that familiar ach began to throb.

Jann let out a deep but quiet chuckle and lowered his lips to the junction of her shoulder and neck. “It appears my new mistress needs little incentive,” he said between the dotted kisses that trailed up her throat. spread across her neck and Regan shivered. Jann’s hands moved to her waist and in a swift movement he lifted her to the table. Nimble fingers found their way to the buttons of her blouse and as his lips left a fiery trail over her collar bone the first two buttons popped open. Regan leaned back on her arms, letting her palms flatten against the chilled tile. She looked down at the man as he buried his face in her now exposed cleavage.

His long, dark hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail, and she could see his strong jaw moving as his lips and tongue played over her sensitive skin. She was so distracted by the view that she didn’t notice his hands move away from her shirt. Regan was surprised when he pulled her wrap skirt free from its fastening and peeled it away from her spread thighs. “Jann, what are you doing?” she asked, but all protest stopped when one thick finger brushed over the wet lace panties she’d put on that morning. Just his touch made her moan.

About A Djinn's Touch 

Working in an antique shop and frustrated in more ways than one, Regan is starting to think her life choices could have been more mistakes than investments. When a sexy djinn shows up offering to grant her every wish Regan takes hold of the opportunity with both hands, but is she willing to pay the steamy price?

Available at Amazon for just .99 or free with AmazonPrime 

Stay Sexy!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Facebook and More

It's the day before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, except for the author over in the corner.

I finally got a Facebook page put together! Yay! If you'd like to stay up to date on my new releases or just want to see some eye candy from time to time head over and give the page a like.

New Year's Delights will be out in the next two or three days, just in time for some steamy New Year's fun.

I've also got a special Christmas gift for all the readers. Tomorrow, Dec 25th, Candy Cane Delights will be free at Amazon.

And finally ...

Happy Holidays Everyone 
May You All Have a Blessed Season

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

MidWeek Tease: New Years Delights


As promised a midweek tease from the up coming New Year's Delights! Enjoy and happy holiday days!

 New Year's Delights tease:

A vibration went off between her thighs and a tingle shot through her. She nearly stumbled where she stood, but caught herself as her hips gave an involuntary little wiggle against the sensation. Jo caught her breath and glanced away from the party goers. The vibrator stopped after only a second and she felt an odd mix of relief and disappointment wash over her. 

Jo glanced across the room and caught Tyler staring at her. The woman on his arm was chatting up some older woman. When Jo’s eyes locked with his he grinned. She watched as he lifted his glass and ever so slightly tipped it in her direction before putting it to his lips. 

Stay Sexy!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Cover Reveal

I've got an early gift for readers in love with passionate love. I've been working on a special New Year's release. It's a companion piece to Candy Cane Delights and follows the same characters. I plan a release for the days following Christmas. 

Here's the cover reveal!

Keep an eye out for a MidWeek Tease!

Stay Sexy

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MidWeek Tease November 30, 2016

MidWeekTease2It's time for a MidWeek Tease! I've pulled a excerpt from the Holiday Special, Candy Cane Delights, for all you sexy readers!

Make sure you visit the other sexy bloggers for more steamy excerpts. Links are below.

Candy Cane Delights:

“What’s your Christmas wish, my sexy Jo?” he asked, bringing her attention up away from his chest.
Staring into his playful blue eyes, Jo answered, “I’d say I’m getting what I wanted. A personal visit from Santa.”
Santa chuckled and started to pull his hand away from her leg. “Then I guess I should be on my way. Lots of gifts to get out.”
Reaching down and stopping his hand from moving, Jo squirmed in his lap. “There is something else,” she said, leaning into him. She let her lips brush over the ridge of his shoulder and turned to whisper in his ear. “I’ve always wanted to go for a ride on Santa.”
She saw his jaw tense and felt his hand grip her thigh. It was exciting to turn on Santa. Jo bit the edge of her lower lip and waited. Santa turned just slightly to grin at her and brush his lips over hers, but before she could lean into the kiss he pulled away. “A little elf told me you’re on the naughty list,” he said.
“What? That elf lied,” Jo said with a playful pout.
Santa reached up and tweaked her nose. Jo nearly slapped his hand away, but then she heard him say, “Don’t worry. You can still get your Christmas wish, but first you have to be punished.”

 Candy Cane Delights will be available tomorrow! Pre-order your copy today at Amazon for just .99!