Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year Misfire

2019 is here and I'm ready to get it going, but apparently my computer/the internet/blogger was not so ready. When I logged on this morning I realized the Midweek Tease I had planned to start the year off with didn't post at all, despite being scheduled. That's okay. That little tease is going to get thrown up right after this post, as long as the awesome author over at Midweek Tease don't get upset with me for posting late., here's a quick run down for the next few months. As most of you sexy readers know I've started a new series, Royal Captive. These stories center around the lives of twin sisters. Each story will focus on one sister or the other, and follow along their journey. The first story, Lover's Embrace, came out in December and in a few weeks the second story, Lover's Choice, will be released. This is the first story in Zara's journey and introduces the future queen of Sola!

There will be eight shorts for this series and I've been busy keeping up with all the trouble these girls get into. From stealing her sister's lover to seducing the prince of a foreign land, Zara can move through men and women like only royalty can. with the Royal Captive stories I've also started work on a squeal to my first erotic short story, A Djinn's Touch. You'll get to see Jann and Regan again, this time on a genie's version of a vacation! A few other stories are popping up for these two characters and I think they've started working their way into my fantasies. So be on the look out for more news concerning future stories.

With a few stand alone pieces drifting around, it's going to be a full couple of months. At least for writing. I'm also looking into expanding distribution. So, if you're not a Kindle reader but would love to check out some sexiness from me, you'll be able to!

I'm also slowly moving from blogger over to WordPress. It's a very slow move as I learn the platform and try to navigate everything. There may be some double posts once that gets going.

On with the day late MidWeek Tease!

Stay Sexy

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Midweek Tease: Tempting a Muse

Time for a Midweek Tease! (Well, a day late. Scheduling didn't work like it was supposed to. Sorry.) This week I'm dropping a sneak peak at this months new release, Tempting a Muse. This is a story for the naughty reader and writer in all of us. Cleo, a muse fated to wonder the Summer Lands, finds the perfect man to tease and from there history is made!

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Tempting a Muse snippet:

When Mace was only a handful of steps away, he paused and stared at her. The blue robes Cleo wore were soaked, practically see through, and they clung to her. She could see the desire start to spark in his eyes. He swallowed once and flicked his tongue over his lips before asking, “Are you okay?”

Smiling, Cleo locked eyes with the man and rolled. “I’m wonderful! The ocean is so beautiful!” She stretched her arms over her head and arched her back over the low rock barrier. Her breasts jutted up and her nipples puckered at the sudden exposure.

“This is a private beach. Where did you come from?” Mace asked, caught in Cleo’s show of need/
Lifting her foots to splash a little water, Cleo trained her eyes on Mace and moved her hands to her stomach. Smoothing her fingers over her sides, she said, “I fell from the Summer Lands.”

“The Summer Lands?” Mace took another step towards her, tempted by the sight.

“Um hm,” Cleo hummed as she moved her hands up to cup and squeeze at her breasts. They weren’t large, but they were full, perfect handfuls. Her nipples stood erect under her fingers and she let out a soft drawn out hum when Mace moved ever closer to her.

Clearly drawn to the sight of her, Mace let out a shuttering breath and asked, “Umm, but how did you get here?”

“Through the golden pond.” That wonderful dream granting golden pond that had let her find him in the first place. 

“Should I get you help?” Mace was so close now he could sit on the little rock wall beside her.
Rolling again, Cleo lipped her lips slowly and reached her hand up to him. “Oh yes. I need lots of help.” Her breasts pressed against the rock and her back arched as she shifted to her knees. “Please come help me.”

Mace finally glanced away from her. He shifted his gaze up and down the beach before returning his attention to her. Cleo wiggled her fingers and smiled sweetly. Slowly, he reached his hand out to meet hers. At the first, brush of his skin to hers she moaned and closed her fingers over his. He may have thought to help pull her up from the water, but instead with her gentle guiding he lowered himself down.

That's your tease for this week. Hope you enjoyed and if you'd like to find a copy of Tempting a Muse of your very own it's available on Amazon now.

Just click HERE!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Taboo Tuesday: Lover's Embrace

It's time for another Taboo Tuesday and I'm excited to put out this snippet from my latest release, Lover's Embrace.

This is the first story in a series and I hope you enjoy!

The Tease:

Perrin, the High Priest, stood by the stone alter. Once his eyes settled on her his arms spread, welcoming her into his embrace. Stepping forward, Zora let him hug her and felt the tingle of his light kiss on her forehead. “Well meet, Priestess,” he whispered as they pulled apart.

“Well meet, Priest,” Zora said, taking a half step back. Perrin’s hands reached forward, catching the edge of her robe. The linen robe fell from her shoulder with ease. Lifting her hands to the priest’s shoulders, she mirrored his movements and pushed his robe away as well. 

Standing before each other, bare to the moon above them, they were left venerable. One man and one woman, just as the Gods wanted. Perrin stood erect and ready for their coupling. Like Zora, he had been prepped for the fulfillment of the ritual. 

They moved together, careful not to touch, but close enough that Zora could feel Perrin’s breath on her skin. The slick oil between her leg heated with need and her core tingled with want. This was the man that she would lay with every month for the next few years. When he stepped down a new High Priest would be named.

For now, though, Perrin would be the man who drove her over the edge Zora had been teetering on all day. Turning, she looked up into his pale blue eyes and saw the familiar signs of obligation and tradition. Lust was there, but she would never know if it was lust for her or an artificial lust.

That's the tease. Was it tantalizing? I hope so. Here's a bit more about Lover's Embrace:

Part One of the Royal Captive Stories: An erotic fantasy series

Zora, High Priestess of her father’s kingdom, struggles to fit the expectations set out for her. Fulfill traditional rites and rituals, guide the spiritual kingdom and advise her sister who will take the throne.

The betrayal of loved ones and the arrival of an ambassador from a rival kingdom gives her a chance to take charge of her own life.

Lover's Embrace is available on Amazon now for just $1.99 or free with KindleUnlimited!

Find your copy HERE!

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Monday, November 26, 2018

Writing Sex When You’re Sexual Frustrated

I’m going a little off topic today. Normally the writing process isn’t something to post about here at the Hideaway, but I’m expanding. Anyway, onward we go.

All these sexy stories started because I felt like I needed an outlet. It’s a nice way to make a little money on the side and I do mean little. If I was doing this for a paycheck I’d have to release two or three stories a week. So, it’s a pleasant way to make a little money, explore my creative side and honestly write sexy fun. Over the course of the last few years it’s also helped my partner and I explore our sexual lives together.

Which brings us to the writing process. When sexually frustrated I just can’t focus on these steamy stories. These are fantasies and I’ve got plenty of them and can find inspiration in lots of places, but if I’m not enjoying my personal bedroom life the stories suffer.

Case in point: Tempting the Muse is a short I’m hoping to release next month. However, instead of having a strong dominate female taking what she wants from the more than willing man, I’ve got a strong dominate female threatening to go off and frolic on her own. No man needed. Normally, this could work and it might still, but it’s driving away from the carefully laid plot line of the story.

As the author I have two choices. Either let the woman go do what she has to or force the scene into what I had planned. The second choice is the problem. Forcing a sex scene or any sex is hard. If I’m not feeling sexy it’s doubtful the scene is going to feel sexy and let’s face it. It’s erotica. It has to be sexy!

Life happens. Holidays, school events, sick days, car repairs and just about anything else you can think of distracts from sexy fun time. It’s just part of life. There isn’t any fault in that. It’s not one partner that caused the issue in this case. It’s just part of life. Yeah, it was worth repeating.
For now I’m going to write what flows. That’s what feels right. 

Later, I’m going to drop some hints, try to make time available and hope my partner and I can spend that time making up for lost time. 

Making time available is the key point in this. If I can make time to write these sexy stories I can make time to have some one on one time with my partner.
And hopefully the stories will be better for it.

Stay Sexy