Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sexy Fun Time is Back

It's been so long that I don't even know what to say for myself. I really don't. This year has been crazy. Real life has been stepping all over what little time I have, but we're back in business and this blog will start being updated. I'll also be able to release more sexy shorts for all you lovely readers.

In fact I released a few titles without even sharing them here. My bad, but here's a little update.

First: Winter Secrets was released in December 2017.

 Sydnie is alone for Christmas. Her son is visiting his father on the other side of the country and she just doesn't know what to do with herself. Then, while watching classic holiday movies, she finds a sexy spirit of winter playing in her backyard. With Jack Frost to keep her company, what else could Sydnie wish for?

 Second: A Supernaturally Sexy bundle of four stories. Love my paranormal shorts? You love 'em more with this collection.

 A sexy bundle of 4 erotic supernatural stories. Meet Regan and her genie in A Djinn's Touch. Move along to Sophie who discovers hidden desires and hunger in Sensual Legacy. In Wild & Wicked Jordyn moves on with her life after she meets a seductive fox shape-shifter. Sydnie discovers Jack Frost is more than a snow spirit in Winter Secrets.

I'll be releasing a new story this June, Taming The Warrior. An avid reader may find more than she wished for when the hero of her favorite fantasy series comes to life.

Keep your eyes open!

Stay sexy, my friends!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Holiday Delights is Here

Just in time for the start of all those family gatherings and seemingly endless plans, Holiday Delights, an Erotic Escort Series, is here to help. Steal a few minutes alone this year and indulge in a little guilty pleasure with Jo and her sexy escort, Tyler!

Bonus! It's in both print and digital! 

Another Bonus! Included in this bundle is a never before seen Halloween special, Trick or Tease.

Find it on Amazon
eBook is just $2.99
or in
Print for $4.99

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

MidWeek Tease: Wild & Wicked

It's a MidWeek Tease. This week I pulled an excerpt from my latest release, Wild & Wicked. I hope it wets your appetite and remember to hop over to the other great blogs!

Wild & Wicked:

The man flashed her just the barest smile before leaning down and blowing a hot breath across her throat. Then she heard him take in a deep breath. Just the sound set her on fire, but then he looked up at her with mischievous eyes and asked, “You smell like sex, lil Jordyn. What were you doing all alone in the hot water?” the moment she was wishing he’d been in the shower with her instead of her little vibrator. She could feel an embarrassed blush spreading over her checks. “Umm. I…I…” Jordyn could hear herself stumbling over her words, but somehow staring up at him and feeling his arm holding her up, she just couldn’t gather her womanly wisdom together. 

The man had her quaking like a school girl. His traveling fingers didn’t help much. Gentle finger tips trailed between the valley of her breasts and tickled at her ribs before going lower and circling around her belly button. The teasing of his nails moved lower to her hips. Jordyn closed her eyes and was only a breath away from begging for more when their decent stopped. 

Suddenly his hand went flat over her hip and he lifted her back to her feet. “I don’t care anyway. Thank you for freeing me, but it’s time to leave,” he said, pulling away from her.

That's the tease and here's some more about the story...

Jordyn is at a deciding moment in her life. After finding her boyfriend cheating on her, losing her job and her apartment, she discovered a long lost uncle left her his house in his will. Along with the house she's going to find the first steps into her new life. 

And after catching the attention of a foxy shapeshifter, she'll get all the help she could beg for.

Find it on Amazon for just $1.99 or free with KindleUnlimited!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MidWeek Tease: A Gentleman's Lust

MidWeekTease4Here's a MidWeek Tease from the newly released, A Gentleman's Lust. I hope you enjoy the sexy snippet and remember to visit the other sexy blogs for more great teases!
She was standing on her tip toes, contemplating finding a sci-fi to read and trying to put a heavy book up on a higher shelf, when Mr. Bishop made himself known again. Suddenly he was behind her, his fingers easily pushing the book into place and his chest pressed lightly to her back. His breath was hot on her neck and even though she couldn’t see the man she knew his nose and lips were only a hair’s width from brushing over her skin.

Taking a controlled, deep breath, Said slowly asked, “Can I help you, Mr. Bishop?”

Just the barest brush of lips against the back of her neck sent chills racing over her skin. “Call me Arthur,” he whispered.

There was a trimmer in her voice as she repeated, “Is there anything I can help you with, Arthur.”

You can find your copy of A Gentleman's Lust on Amazon now!

Stay Sexy!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Birthday!

A new release for the Holiday Delights stories.

After a long day at work Jo is excited for her private birthday party with her personal escort. Tyler has a special offer wrapped in a pretty bow just for her. What's a girl to do when she's blindfolded?

is now available on 
Amazon for just .99
Free on KindleUnlimited

Just a note: I choose this day for the release because my best friend is celebrating her birthday today! Soooo...

Happy Birthday V!!!
Without you I never would have had the guts to do this.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Life Interrupted Fantasy

Hello all you sexy readers. Life has interrupted fantasy the last few months as I've been trying to tackle multiple projects. However, no matter how many times overtime/home improvement/whatever else life throws at me, I have been taking notes and will be releasing a birthday surprise for everyone this month.

In the next installment of the Holiday Delights, Birthday Delights will be coming out later this month. I'm gonna mix things up and give you a cover tease today.

Be on the look out for more details!

Stay Sexy

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MidWeek Tease


I've been away too long, but never fear I have a sexy fantasy in the works and will return. In the mean time enjoy this MidWeek Tease from A Djinn's Touch.

A Djinn's Touch tease

Pretty soon he let out a deep groan and pressed into her one last time. Regan ground back against him and let out a throaty moan as his hands tightened on her hips. His body went stiff and she knew he’d found his own release inside of her. For a second she almost began to worry, but as he pulled out of her and dropped down beside her she felt weariness start to take over.
Strong arms pulled her back and her dream man pulled the blanket up to cover them both. She felt him press one last kiss to her neck before she fell into sweet oblivion.

 Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to check out the other MidWeek Teases!

Stay Sexy