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Jordyn is at a deciding moment in her life. After finding her boyfriend cheating on her, losing her job and her apartment, she discovered a long lost uncle left her his house in his will. Along with the house she's going to find the first steps into her new life.
And after catching the attention of a foxy shapeshifter, she'll get all the help she could beg for.

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Coming Oct 23rd!

Holiday Delights

A career driven woman, Jo is looking for a good time. To avoid the attachments that so many of her friends and co-workers are forming, she hires an escort. The sexy Tyler fills her every desire, but how long before sex turns into something more?

Included in Bundle:
Candy Cane Delights
New Year’s Delights
Lovers’ Delights
Birthday Delights
Vacation Delights

With exclusive Trick or Tease!

   Jo's escort has her exactly where he wants her. A haunted house, handcuffs and a night filled with mischief. Will she turn the tables on him or will Tyler catch his prey?

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