Holiday Delights Series

Candy Cane Delights

Jo doesn't want to spend Christmas Eve alone with visions of sugar plums and sexy Santas dancing through her head. What's Jo's Christmas wish? A steamy visit from her personal Santa Claus.

New Year's Delights

 Attending a New Years’ party alone, Jo looks forward to a steamy promise. Then a buzzing surprise shatters her professional calm. What’s a girl to do when her escort takes the upper hand? Plan out his punishment and satisfy her cravings, of course.

Lovers' Delights

 Alone on Valentine's Day, Jo trudges home ready for her date with ice cream, wine and a random action flick. What happens when her favorite escort decides she shouldn't be alone?

Birthday Delights

 After a long day at work Jo is excited for her private birthday party with her personal escort. Tyler has a special offer wrapped in a pretty bow just for her. What's a girl to do when she's blindfolded?

Vacation Delights

  Jo is off on a mysterious tropical vacation with her sexy escort. What happens when she finds out she's playing the escort this time? Why is Tyler acting like it's just any normal vacation when it's anything but?

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