Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MidWeek Tease

MidWeekTease2 It's my first blog hop and I'm going with a MidWeek Tease! 

For those who don't know what a blog hop is: It's simple. You, the lovely readers, get to hop around from blog to blog reading snippets from novels of the sexy variety. At the end of each post you'll find a list of links that will take you to the next blog. Remember to visit everyone and find that perfect read you've been looking for.

I'm going to give a teaser from the up coming A Djinn's Touch. 

The Tease:

Leaning forward, the man reached his hand out to the seashell pendant. He did it incredibly slowly and never took his eyes off of her as he did it. Lifting it up, he said, “I’m your Djinn. You wished and I came.” Undeniably kissable lips split into a small smile as he watched her. “My name is Jann and you are my new mistress.”

Regan’s eyes darted between him and the shell necklace. “That’s impossible. Why did you break into my apartment?”

“I didn’t. You wished for me and I came. Watch,” he said, lifting the necklace a little higher. 

No sooner had he said it than he suddenly popped from existence. Regan let out a scream and spun around to search for him. The man had just vanished. Turning to face the counter again, Regan eyed the kitchen. Wondering if he’d somehow just ducked down behind the counter really fast, she took a cautious step forward. Giving the area a wide berth, she stepped around just enough to peek behind the counter top. He wasn’t there. 

Darting her eyes around her apartment, Regan inched her way towards her shirt. Still draped over the armchair, the shirt was both a great way to put something between her skin and the intruder and she was pretty sure her cell phone had also been dropped into the chair. 

Regan ripped the shirt up and started tugging it on and reached for her phone the instant one arm made it through a sleeve. Then a warm arm slid around her waist and hot breath brushed over her neck. She froze. “Why get dressed, Mistress? You’re so beautiful.”

“Please don’t,” Regan whispered as she squeezed her eyes closed. The man had pressed against her back and the sensation of his warmth against her skin had sent of shot of desire straight to her core.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Jann pulled himself away from her and Regan fought the wanton urge to press back against him. “Mistress, turn around,” he whispered once he had given her room to breathe.

That's the tease. Hope it captured your imagination. 

Until next time. Stay Sexy! 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

In The Beginning

In the beginning erotica was just a mild daydream that floated around in the back of my mind. That's how it is for most people I think. But now it's turned into something more. There are so many stories that I've jotted down and tossed in the trash or moved over to the recycle bin nesting in the top corner of my desktop. I morn for all those characters and sexy encounters that drift around in oblivion without ever being shared.

So, instead of trashing all those daydreams they'll make their way here and to the bookshelves of the virtual book stores. I don't know where this journey will take me, but you're welcome along for the ride!

My first erotic novel will be available September 1st. It's a magical adventure between a lonely woman and a lustful djinn. Djinn are ancient demons of the Middle East and inspired the idea of the genie. What better way to introduce my writing than with a hunky member of my namesake?

Up until and after the release I'll be posting a few sneak peeks and leading you, the lovely readers, towards other great erotic authors and their blogs.

Until next time. Stay sexy.