Wednesday, December 21, 2016

MidWeek Tease: New Years Delights


As promised a midweek tease from the up coming New Year's Delights! Enjoy and happy holiday days!

 New Year's Delights tease:

A vibration went off between her thighs and a tingle shot through her. She nearly stumbled where she stood, but caught herself as her hips gave an involuntary little wiggle against the sensation. Jo caught her breath and glanced away from the party goers. The vibrator stopped after only a second and she felt an odd mix of relief and disappointment wash over her. 

Jo glanced across the room and caught Tyler staring at her. The woman on his arm was chatting up some older woman. When Jo’s eyes locked with his he grinned. She watched as he lifted his glass and ever so slightly tipped it in her direction before putting it to his lips. 

Stay Sexy!