Wednesday, November 30, 2016

MidWeek Tease November 30, 2016

MidWeekTease2It's time for a MidWeek Tease! I've pulled a excerpt from the Holiday Special, Candy Cane Delights, for all you sexy readers!

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Candy Cane Delights:

“What’s your Christmas wish, my sexy Jo?” he asked, bringing her attention up away from his chest.
Staring into his playful blue eyes, Jo answered, “I’d say I’m getting what I wanted. A personal visit from Santa.”
Santa chuckled and started to pull his hand away from her leg. “Then I guess I should be on my way. Lots of gifts to get out.”
Reaching down and stopping his hand from moving, Jo squirmed in his lap. “There is something else,” she said, leaning into him. She let her lips brush over the ridge of his shoulder and turned to whisper in his ear. “I’ve always wanted to go for a ride on Santa.”
She saw his jaw tense and felt his hand grip her thigh. It was exciting to turn on Santa. Jo bit the edge of her lower lip and waited. Santa turned just slightly to grin at her and brush his lips over hers, but before she could lean into the kiss he pulled away. “A little elf told me you’re on the naughty list,” he said.
“What? That elf lied,” Jo said with a playful pout.
Santa reached up and tweaked her nose. Jo nearly slapped his hand away, but then she heard him say, “Don’t worry. You can still get your Christmas wish, but first you have to be punished.”

 Candy Cane Delights will be available tomorrow! Pre-order your copy today at Amazon for just .99!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Candy Cane Delights up for Preorder

 Candy Cane Delights, a Christmas special release, is up for preorder. You can find your copy on Amazon for just .99!

Put a Little Heat in Your Holiday Season with Candy Cane Delights

Just in time for the holidays, Candy Cane Delights is sure to be a fast favorite for any woman looking for a steamy Christmas read. From emerging erotic author, Genie LeBeau, this short story is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. Available now for pre-order at Amazon!

Jo doesn't want to spend Christmas Eve alone with visions of sugar plums and sexy Santas dancing through her head. What's Jo's Christmas wish? A steamy visit from her personal Santa Claus.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Sexy Holidays

Here's a My Sexy Holidays excerpt from my up coming holiday special, Candy Cane Delights.  Hosted by My Sexy Saturday, this blog hop includes lots of great holiday cheer for everyone. So make sure to hop around and visit everyone on the list!

 Candy Cane Delights:

It wasn’t long before her eyes drifted closed and visions of sugar plums and sexy Santas started to fill her dreams.
Sometime later Jo woke up to a gentle caress on her shoulder. She moved against the delightful tickle and let out a happy hum. Turning against the couch, Jo let her eyes flutter open and stared at the man standing above her. At first she smiled up at the handsome face and snuggled against the palm that moved to cup her cheek. His hand was soft and warm, easily lulling her back towards sleep.
Then reality struck and Jo bolted straight up on the couch and her eyes went wide as she stared at the man. Jo almost screamed, but she noticed the red hat with white trim and the  bare chest of the man.  As her eyes traveled up, she instantly noticed his lovely blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. Taking a calming breath, she dropped her face into her hands and let out an embarrassed laugh. Her Santa Claus had slipped in to surprise her.
Jo felt the man’s fingers tangle through her loose hair and she peeked up at him. “Sorry, I scared you, but your door wasn't locked,” he said with a grin. She watched him lean over the back of her couch and moved when he tugged her closer. Jo’s breath caught when she felt his lips brush over the shell of her ear. “Besides, you’re supposed to be sleeping. Otherwise Santa won’t show up.”
Shivering against his touch, Jo pulled back just far enough to look into his eyes again. “Are you here to give me my Christmas wish?”
Her personal Santa stood and casually strolled around the couch. Jo straightened up and turned to watch the man as he settled down on the other side of the couch. The entire vision of her Santa was mouthwatering. Matching the hat, a pair of loose silky red pants covered his legs. Hugging his hips was a black waist band that brought her eyes up to the sexy V carved under his abs. He dropped a red velvet drawstring sack beside his feet and grinned at her. “Why don’t you turn the TV off and come sit on Santa’s lap,” he said, patting the top of his thigh.
After clicking the TV off Jo leaned forward and crawled across the couch cushions. Santa’s hand moved to her lower back as she twisted and eased onto his lap. His strong hand slid over her back, across her hip and came to rest on the back of her thigh, just below her ass. Settled into place, Jo placed her arm over his shoulders and put her free hand against his smooth chest.

Candy Cane Delights is now up for preorder at Amazon. Make sure to grab your copy for the holidays!

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