Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MidWeek Tease


It's a MidWeek Tease! I've pulled a little tease from Sensual Legacy just for the lovely readers. Enjoy and make sure to visit the other blogs on the hop for more teasing scenes!

Sensual Legacy excerpt: mouth instantly moved to her collar bone, nipping and kissing. Sophie loved the touch, but still tried to pull away. Blayke’s hands tightened around her waist and he rolled his eyes up to look at her. “And if you really feel so bad about that woman I could always punish you.”

Her eyes went a little wide in confusion, but then she felt a sudden slap on her ass. The sting sent a jolt through her back, causing her to sit straighter and press her core against his growing erection. 

“Blayke,” she said, about to start protesting, but a spike of passion flared when he repeated the action and Sophie had to fight the urge to grind against him. 

“Shh. No talking while I’m teaching,” he said, giving her a lighter pat to the other cheek. Rotating her hips, Sophie nodded. “For months I went without sex with anyone. The entire time I was courting you I never seduced anyone but you.”

And there you have it!  If you'd like more Sensual Legacy you can find it on Amazon.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Line Up

Now that A Djinn’s Touch and Sensual Legacy are out (and I’m feeling pretty great about that) I’m going to focus on a few of my other writing projects. I do have a winter special I’m working on that I hope to get out at the beginning of December. There is also a S&M series that I want to spend some time on. 

I also plan on learning more about marketing and keeping up with some blog hops while I’m working on these stories. I may even sneak in a few “deleted” scenes.

Line Up:

  • November: Sale or Giveaway!
  • December: Silken Winter Release
  • January: First Princess and Slave series

That’s the next few months. So keep your eyes open.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Sexy Soul Mate

It's my second My Sexy Saturday blog hop and this weeks theme is My Sexy Soul Mate. I've pulled a scene from Sensual Legacy, available later this week on Kindle.

 Sensual Legacy snippet:

Behind her Blayke dropped the bags and the door clicked closed. Sophie turned around to snatch up her bag and head to the bathroom to freshen up, but was cut short when Blayke wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. 

He tilted his head and brushed his soft lips over hers. Sophie returned the gentle caress and moved her hands to rest on his shoulders. When his tongue traced over her lips Sophie opened up to him and let him deepen the kiss. The gentle touch transformed into a fevered, demanding kiss and Sophie was barely aware of Blayke walking her backwards, past the curtain and into the bedroom.

When Blayke bumped his hips against hers and Sophie felt the hard line of his erection she gasped. “Wait. I was going to put something special on for you,” Sophie said, pulling away from his lips.

Blayke grinned and tightened his hold on her waist. “You can wear it tomorrow, I promise,” he said, continuing to walk her backwards. Sophie laughed when her knees hit the edge of the bed. 

Before falling back she put her hands on Blayke’s chest and tried to slow him down. “Don’t take this the wrong way. I really do what this, but you’re going really fast.”

“I’ve been waiting to taste you, Sophie. We can go slow later,” he whispered, pressing against her hands. “Is that okay?”

Staring into his blue eyes, Sophie was memorized. The very idea that Blayke had been aching to sleep with her as much as she had him sent a shot of heat through her core. He leaned in and gently nipped at her bottom lip, causing Sophie to pull back just enough to tumble down onto the bed. Giggling and smiling up at him, Sophie nodded. “I’ve been wanting you too.”

About Sensual Legacy
Sophie is excited about the first weekend away with her boyfriend and is beyond ready to take their relationship to the next steamy level. So what happens when he turns out to be an incubus and reveals a long forgotten family secret?

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